Our Team


Wife to 4x World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, mom to Braxton Joe, math teacher and self-proclaimed fit mommy. Born and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania (think Hershey candy – it really does smell like chocolate!) and relocated to Brighton, Colorado at 29 years old.

I feel the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever felt now after having a baby! This comes as a huge shock to even myself; however, it hasn’t been by chance. My goal is to help all moms feel confident in their own skin. A happy and healthy mommy is a good mommy! This is why I created Fit Mommy Academy – to provide moms a sense of belonging, a guide to health and fitness, in an otherwise difficult and chaotic time in their lives as they learn the ins and outs of motherhood. I truly want every mom to realize how beautiful she is – from the inside out!

I love dance parties and playing in the yard with my husband and son and traveling with my family. In my alone, free time, I enjoy reading – mostly trashy novel, baking or catching up with my DVR.