What is Fit Mommy Academy

Fit Mommy Academy is exactly what I wish I had throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey to answer all my questions and concerns. It’s a cyber-based community for moms and moms-to-be of all ages, abilities and sizes looking to better themselves physically and mentally through fitness. A library of at-home exercises with little to no equipment will be available for members so that they can safely and effectively squeeze fitness into their everyday lives without having to leave their little ones at home or in a daycare.

Beyond the physical, communicate, learn from and share with other moms around the world that are going through the same triumphs and struggles that you are. Support and encouragement will be limitless as we discuss all topics that stem from motherhood, and especially finding balance between health and fitness and still being a good mom, spouse, employee and/or whatever other roles you must fill.

Fit Mommy Academy believes all mommies are beautiful, inside and out, and our goal is to make you feel and believe it, too!